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The People Behind the Brand

‘KONSTANTINATO’ was created by two artists designers and jewelers, Konstantinos Sahinidis and Kleopatra Metaxa.

Since 1996, the unique style and the design, in perfect harmony with precious materials, make their team of brand ‘KONSTANTINATO’ well-known as a luxury brand, which creates only high art, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

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Unique Means Only One

Each ‘KONSTANTINATO’ Jewel, is one-of-a-kind. The way we are making jewelry, is the old-fashion way. Every piece of art is absolutely handcrafted without any casting parts.

From the beginning till the final polish, we use classic handmade techniques. That’s why every jewel of Konstantinato is also a collectible, precious, handmade piece of art.

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Only the Best

Using only the finest materials; silver 950, gold 18K (750), precious gemstones and diamonds. The inspiration has no limits. Unforgettable cocktail rings, fabulous necklaces and perfectly designed earrings.

Brand-new ideas, about contemporary jewels with modern design, for the one who wants something more than just a luxurious jewel.

A collectible, unique jewel with designer’s identity.

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